Daily Maintenance Of Jib Crane

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There are many equipments in the industry, and these equipments play a very important role in the manufacturers. Cantilever crane is one of them.
This requirement is also very high during production. When the jib crane is operated, it is hung on the lifting equipment, and the heavy objects are rotated by the cantilever crane,
and then the operation is performed. In fact, the jib crane is a very important equipment in the industry, and its frequency of use is relatively high. Pay attention to daily maintenance.

    Before using the jib boom normally, a static load test with a rated load of 125% and a lift of about 100 mm from the ground for 10 minutes should be performed to check whether it is normal.
The dynamic load test is based on the rated load weight for repeated lift and left and right movement tests. After the test,
check whether the mechanical transmission part, electrical part and connection part are normal and reliable. In use, it is forbidden to use in an environment that is not allowed,
and when it exceeds the rated load and the rated closing times per hour (120 times). During installation,commissioning and maintenance,
it must be strictly checked whether the limit device is flexible and reliable.

    The jib crane is introduced here. hope its good for you.

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