How To Choose The Right Winch

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How to choose the right winch
There are many models and types of winches, how to find the suitable products from the many models? Nybon website gives you a few suggestions
卷扬机.jpg1. Speed selection
For construction and installation projects, due to the short lifting distance and high accuracy requirements, slow hoists should generally be used; for long-distance lifting or towing objects, in order to increase productivity and reduce energy consumption, fast hoists should be used.

2. Power selection
Due to the safe and reliable operation of the motor, lower operating costs and remote control, the electric winch should be used where there is power; if there is no power, you can choose a manual winch or an internal combustion engine winch according to the situation.

3. Selection of barrel number
Generally, due to the simple structure and easy operation and movement, a single-drum winch is used for construction. If the tow truck is towed back and forth on the double track, a double-drum winch should be used to simplify the installation work, reduce the number of operators and increase productivity.

4. Choose the transmission format
The winch driven by planetary gear reducer and planetary gear reducer, because of its small size, compact structure, light weight, flexible operation, easy operation, is very suitable for construction use, so it can be given priority.
Five, consider explosion protection

JD type winches are used as demining winches. There are two types of explosion-proof and non-explosion-proof. The construction environment generally does not need to consider explosion protection. Therefore, you can choose non-explosion-proof hoist. The characteristic of JD winch is that planetary reducer is installed on the drum to reduce the speed. It has better cooling conditions, higher output power and cheaper prices.

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