Operation Principle Of Gantry Crane

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Operation principle of gantry crane

The lifting mechanism, trolley running mechanism and bridge structure of the gantry crane are basically the same as the bridge crane.
Due to the large span, most crane operating mechanisms use separate drive methods to prevent the crane from skewing and increasing resistance, or even an accident.
The lifting trolley of the gantry crane runs on the bridge frame, and some of the lifting trolley is a jib crane. The legs on both sides of the bridge are generally rigid legs; when the span exceeds 30 meters,
it is often a rigid leg on one side and a flexible leg connected to the bridge through a ball hinge on the other side, making the portal a statically determinate system ,

This can avoid the additional stress caused by the lateral thrust under the external load, and can also compensate for the temperature deformation of the longitudinal direction of the bridge.
The gantry crane has a large wind area. Crane rail clamp interlocked with running mechanism. The bridge can be cantilevered at both ends; it can also be cantilevered at one end or cantilevered at both ends to expand the scope of operation.
The semi-gantry crane bridge has legs at one end and no legs at the other end, and runs directly on the high platform.

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