Single Girder Overhead Crane

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Weight overload protection device
  • Top quality polyurethane buffer
  • Crane travelling limit switch and lifting limit switch
  • Crane travelling limit switch and lifting limit switch 4
  • Phase protection function

Product Details


LDA single girder overhead crane is standard space delivery equipment, which be works with CD/MD Electric hoist. Main functions: Intermittent and periodic to finish cargo/ material lifting and delivery by using hook or other hoisting device. Its mechanization and automation not only reduce hard physical labor ,also improve high working efficiency!


It consists of the crane travelling mechanism, hoisting mechanism & cross travelling mechanism and electrical control system, etc. Fine Welded process of beam, optional standard speed or VFD traveling system .Various operation method for choosing :Cabin, radio controller or hand controller !


1. Fine welded box type crane beam 

2. Forging wheels

3. Cone squirrel cage motor

4. Large space between wheels, smooth operation

5. Domestic and foreign electric parts as optional 

Safety Protection Devices

1. Weight overload protection device

2. Top quality polyurethane buffer

3. Crane travelling limit switch and lifting limit switch

4. Voltage lost protection function, when power is failure then it needs reset all function to start working.

5. Emergency stop system, in case of emergency, the operator could use emergency stop button to cut off power and stop the crane operation immediately to protect 

7. human and relevant property.

8. Current overload protection function.

9. Phase protection function  

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